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A Unique Child

Our daily planning ensures that our activities and provision meet the needs and interests of the children. We aim to excite and enthuse our children by providing well-chosen, engaging activities. Some of our favourites are: creating a yellow submarine and going on deep-sea virtual tours inside it; mud painting on ‘welly walk’; creating a life-size Chinese dragon; using puppets to re-tell the story of Rama and Sita at Diwali; kick boxing in PE and escaping from the Minotaur’s maze. 

Parents as Partners

At Cradley Nursery we understand that leaving your child for the first time is a big event that can be unsettling for both of you. For this reason we aim to make this as easy as possible, including stay-and-play sessions, where parents are invited to stay until their child feels happy in their new environment. 

We also pride ourselves on having strong partnerships with parents and carers. We achieve this through our friendly, relaxed atmosphere and our ‘can do’ attitudes. We aim to fulfill the needs of all our children and parents in the following ways: holding regular Parents Evenings; thorough learning and development summaries each term, daily Home Liaison entries on Tapestry and newsletters, allowing parents and key workers to celebrate and share the children’s achievements. 

The Enabling Environment

Our nursery is a safe, fun, colourful and inviting environment for children, with excellent facilities, including: an all-weather outdoor classroom; access to the school field; forest school; school kitchen garden, pond and adventure playground. Weekly PE and ‘welly walk’ sessions, as well as fortnightly cookery and music sessions are just a few of the activities we provide in order to enhance your child’s pre-school education. 


At Cradley Nursery, staff are professional, well-trained, caring and competent individuals, all of whom are driven to deliver personalised provision that inspires children to learn. We are very fortunate that we currently have three qualified teachers on our staff. Our nursery is small enough to make a difference as we are able to concentrate our efforts to ensure every child counts and achieves their full potential. 


Being in the heart of the school and only a few steps away from the Reception classroom, the transition from Nursery to Class 1 is seamless. We achieve this by: using the school hall at lunchtime and dining with Key Stage 1; using the same toilets as Class 1; going into the playground at playtime with the older children; meeting the Class 1 teacher on a regular basis; being involved in the Nativity production; participating in the whole-school themed weeks; working with other classes within the school; taster days; French with Class 1 and watching school assemblies. By the time September arrives, they’ve done all the scary bits!

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