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" I really like digging to China, making traps, using pegs to hold it, and putting hammocks up"

" I like den building, and doing that delicious bread"


We are so lucky to have a Forest School site in the school grounds! Here the children feel as if they are miles away from the usual classroom environment, when actually it's just a hop, skip and jump across the school field! 

We have a lovely log circle where the children are taught 'Never cross the log circle; always go around it,' in preparation for those times when we light the fire and need to be invited in, perhaps to toast marshmallows or pop some corn (usually as part of the science curriculum 'Changing Materials'). We have a delightful 'Mud Area', and so we do insist on a change of clothes for these activities! 

The children have built a 'Bug Hotel' and are encouraged to see what can be found there. Some of the trees are young (planted by past pupils just a few years ago) and others are huge mature oaks, which lend themselves to studying the oak tree life cycle and lots of maths activities. Just to the edge of the Forest School, we have our school pond, where learning possibilities are endless.

"Whittling because it inspires me"

"I love fire lighting, and making stuff out of clay, and making the bread.  The other thing I like is hot chocolate."


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