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A very warm welcome to Cradley Nursery @ Cradley CE Primary School.

In February 2012 the governors at Cradley took the bold decision to take on the running of its own nursery within the heart of the school.

On setting up, we soon learned this was something quite rare in Herefordshire, with only a handful of other rural schools having taken on the same challenge. So strong was the feeling in the community to have its own pre-school, that in true Reggio Emilia style, the people of Cradley rallied to set up and resource the beginnings of a nursery in the space of about six weeks!

We started with the bare minimum, a lot of imagination and sheer determination, and within a short space of time, the Nursery flourished and was providing a much longed-for pre-school education for children in and around our community.

We are really proud of what we have achieved and learned over the years we've been operating and will remain forever grateful to the few governor-run nurseries who supported us. In the past we've been used as a beacon nursery within Herefordshire to support and guide other schools who wish to set up their own governor-run nurseries, in order to allow a seamless transition into school. We pride ourselves on the strong partnership we have with these schools. Under new Ofsted regulations, we are now officially joined with the Primary School for inspection purposes. We hope to continue to share good practice with our cluster schools so that we can all journey towards Outstanding.

Testimonial from Fownhope Nursery - "The Cradley Nursery team have been a fantastic support to myself and my team. As a new manager,  I really needed guidance and they were there at the end of the phone/email and always quick to help and respond whenever needed. We visited Cradley Nursery several times and they were able to fine-tune problems we were experiencing. Always happy to help and share, they are a fantastic advocate of working together in early years!”


Testimonial from Luston Primary School - The manager of Cradley Nursery has been extremely generous with her time and experience, sharing information with Luston Primary School as we set up our new nursery.  Her willingness to share documentation and recommend procedures has saved an enormous amount of angst and has been a substantial factor in the success of our new nursery provision.  She also visited our nursery to share good practice.

There is no doubt that, without the assistance of Cradley Nursery, the process of starting our nursery would have been substantially more difficult.  Thank you very much.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cradley Nursery.

Testimonial from Dr Reb Wilson (a former parent-governor on the Nursery management team) - When I look back at all the things I have done, being part of the setup of Cradley Nursery has been one the things I am most proud of. I leave feeling immensely proud of having been able to support the Nursery team and I hope it continues to go from strength to strength.

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