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Year 5/6 Residential to Conwy

Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic time in Conwy last week. We spent 3 days on residential in beautiful North Wales. We have spent some time this week thinking about how we showed our learning behaviours whilst we were away.

First of all, many of us learned how to be a bit more independent. A few of us packed our own suitcases before we went, and all of us had to organise ourselves so that we were ready with the things we needed for each day.

We had to work co-operatively on our vlogs, deciding for ourselves what to photograph and planning short video clips at the places we visited. We also took care of each other in different ways, and helped each other prepare for room inspections!

Mrs Paton organised really fun activities for us. We were quite safe of course, but walking along the town walls on a windy evening, going underground into the ancient copper mines and walking into the mountains seemed a bit risky to some of us at first! At Conwy Castle, Laura took a risk dangling an iPad over the wall to take a photograph of the dungeon far below!

On the top of Conwy Mountain one beautiful evening we stopped for two minutes just to take in the spectacular views, to listen to the sound of the silence, and to reflect on the places we’d been to. We were certainly persistent in keeping going when climbing Conwy Mountain after having spent the day walking in Snowdonia!

We took pride in being well behaved and polite at the youth hostel where there were other people staying, and when we were interviewing members of the public at Llandudno. We also want our vlogs to be the best they could be!

Everyone was really positive about the residential to Conwy. We had fun with our friends and it was a great experience. We’d love to go back! (written by Year 6 children)


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