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Working on an exciting project

Year 6 have been working on an exciting project to coincide with the end of the 1914-18 Great War Centenary Commemoration. Working with poet Sara-Jane Arbury, the children composed poems based upon the imagined childhoods of four residents of Cradley who enlisted as soldiers during the war and who never returned.

The children narrated their poems on film, recording their own footage of the homes of these four soldiers. We hope the finished film and poems will be incorporated into the permanent memorial exhibition which is being set up in St.James’ Church.

Our film project is about four brave young men from Cradley who fought and died in the Great War. Their homes were some very familiar buildings in Cradley: The Red Lion, Esk Bank House, Heath Mill Farm and Cradley Stores.

We visited all of the locations and imagined what the boys’ childhoods might have been like 100 years ago, and what their dreams and aspirations might have been.

Back at school we wrote poems to try and recreate their young lives. These films honour those brave young men who fought and died for our country.


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