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Healthy Schools Week

This week we have all been getting active and thinking about healthy bodies and minds in Healthy School’s Week. Each morning we have started with a busy hall for Wake up Shake up, run by Sports Crew; Each day fresh fruit and vegetables have been provided to all of the school; on Tuesday a yoga instructor came in and led a session with each class, teaching them about mindfulness, calming and positivity; On Thursday we had a mix up day where each group had children from R - Y6 in and they rotated around various activities teaching them about eating healthily, keeping their mind healthy and living an active life; Choir has been singing lots which has proven benefits for mental health; Class 4 went for a morning’s walk across the hills; There have been additional activities out at break time and on top of all of this all classes have done their own healthy lifestyle activities. Thanks to all the children for being so positive about making their lives healthy.


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