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Class 3 take on the Anglo-Saxons

On Wednesday, as part of their work on the Anglo- Saxons, Class Three set off to Birmingham Museum to visit the Staffordshire Hoard. It was fascinating to see the amount of gold which had been found, hear the story of Terry Herbert, the man who first discovered the hoard, and examine the replicas which showed what the originals might have looked like. The children attended a hands on workshop where they were asked to use a metal detector to find pieces buried in sand, clean off pieces of muddy foil using cotton buds and soft paintbrushes, fit together pieces like a jigsaw puzzle and draw what they thought the other half of an object might look like. Essentially, using all the skills used by the archaeologists when sorting through the finds from 2009. An excellentday, well worth a trip if you haven’t already been.


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