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Class 3 Severn Valley Railway Trip

Finishing gas-mask boxes and filling in our Identification Books was great fun in preparation for our trip to Kidderminster and the Severn Valley Railway experience. The children looked so smart, dressed as evacuees with their labels tied firmly onto them, with some great old-fashioned names such as Lenny Jones and Edith Evans. The day started off with a trip on a steam train, which raced through the countryside, giving us glimpses of the Safari Park with its elephants and rhinos. When we arrived at the Engine Shed, there were all sorts of interesting things to look at and activities to take part in. We worked in the thoroughly modern kitchen, with its dolly tub and wringer to do the washing, and discovered how they had their baths in only three inches of water! We played the kind of games which 1940s children might have enjoyed and we examined what might be inside the suitcase of an evacuee. Altogether, a wonderful day!


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