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Class 1 Corridor Display

Class 1 spent their first week of school going on a muddy Bear Hunt every day. Who knew there was mud, a cave, long wavy grass, a forest, a snow storm and a river on Cradley School field?

On Monday we found Billy the baking bear who helped us with our cooking skills. On Tuesday we found ‘Thomas the show and tell bear’ who helps us with our show and tell. On Wednesday we found ‘Alex the Assembly bear’, who helps us with collective worship. On Thursday we found ‘Rainbow bear’ who helps us with our feelings. On Friday we found ‘Boris our Spanish bear’. He helps us in our Spanish lessons. The children were amazing at being able to re tell the story using actions. We think Michael Rosen would be very impressed. Ask your child if they can tell you the story? This was a great start to our Explorer topic!


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