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Archaeologist visits Class 4

On Tuesday, Class 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from an archaeologist, Mr Justin Hughes. Mr Hughes initially showed the class a picture of the Hive development site and we investigated the evidence of different buildings according to the footprint they have left on the ground. We then looked at detailed illustrations of life in the Palaeolithic Stone Age through to the Iron Age in Worcestershire, and put them in chronological order by investigating what is happening in each illustration.

After this, we looked at various resources, from arrow heads and hand axes through to goat skins; we discussed what era each item was from and how the people of the Stone Age would have developed their tool use throughout the three periods within it. Finally, we took some flint out to Forest School and tried our hands at whittling sticks using just a small piece of flint. This was very hard work but everyone showed brilliant perseverance and it helped us to understand how difficult life would have been for those living in pre-history.


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