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Ambassadors for Cradley School

This year we have added to our ambassador roles giving all our Year 6 children an important and influential role. This gives our children a voice in leading the school forward. They are:

School Council

Year 6 children will lead the school council in making decisions about events and policies in school. For example, rules & behaviour, charity fundraising, recycling and fun days.

Worship Leaders

They will prepare and set up for Collective Worship, lead Key Stage 1 worship, write and collect prayers, welcome visitors to Collective Worship and work with worship leaders from other schools to develop prayer spaces in school.

Sports Crew

Our Sports Crew is a group of children who support sports across the school, working closely with Joe. They think of ideas for encouraging all children to become active, and organise sporting events to make being active as much fun as possible for everyone.

Happy Helpers (Wellbeing Ambassadors)

Happy Helpers (named by themselves) are children who are ready to put a smile on anyone’s face! They will help with the development of wellbeing through the school and support children who need an extra friendly helper, being a “Playground Pal”.


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